Never stop learning because life never stop teaching

We could learn in almost everthing in this world; from every human being, from our own experiences, every mistake—almost everything our eyes could lay and our hearts could reach, from the delicate sound of the breeze reminding us the beauty of earth; teaches us to be always gentle and kind, up to the pain we feel at our most vulnerable moments in our lives that teaches us alot of things—it’s up to us what lesson we would grasp and it’s our choice where we’d listen to.

Experience, pain and mistakes for me are the best teachers in life. As a young woman who loves writing, I could tell that experience is indeed the most effective teacher. To sincerely and wholly comprehend something very deeply, you must experience it yourself for instance, I was once afraid of rain and people around me tend to mock me for my cowardice towards rain but I never loathed them because I know that it’s a product of their ignorance, afterall, people who do not endured the same pain you’ve gone through tend to underestimate it. Nevertheless, there are still people who knows how to empathize. So much do we learn from pain and humans’ mistakes to the point that sometimes we are getting afraid of learning because it’s the aftereffect of our reflections after we suffer from pain. However, pain and learning is part of our lives and pain will always remain inevitable for as long as we live.

Life is a poet and humans’ wisdom are complex poetry containing every lesson they learned from different experiences. Life never stops teaching us because life itself is a lesson.



Oftentimes, I’d ask myself what do I really want, what are the things that I’d like if my environment hadn’t influenced me, what do my soul looks like? oftentimes, I’d stop in the middle of nowhere figuring myself out then I’d sigh in frustration. Figuring myself out is still a constant battle up until now but if I were to relate myself to something, what would that be?

“Who is that girl I see staring straight back at me why is my reflection someone I don’t know” When I first heard these lyrics, it did hit me. really hard. It came from a song entitled “reflection” (if I’m not mistaken) which sang by Lea Salonga. Although it is a question, it somehow seemed like a description of myself; a lost and a questioning part of me. I never knew what I like to do with my life, maybe this enormous confusion is the latter or the product of my decisions in the past and of my experiences. I’ve faced alot and I’ve gone through alot. Few things I know about myself so far is I’m in the middle of confusion and uncertainties, I could barely describe myself for I know so little about me.

My life so far feels so incomplete, there’s this void inside my heart that I can’t quite fill no matter how hard I try but I guess I’ll just keep on looking and searching, I don’t have a choice, do I? If I want to be happy and fulfilled, I must do something about it. I’m such a mess and don’t know how to fix myself (if I could ever be fixed). All I know is I have to survive each day in this cruel world in which I think I don’t even belong at all.